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FOREX Manipulation Leads to Record Fines

Record fines have been handed down to five of the world’s biggest names in banking, primarily for manipulation of the foreign exchange (FOREX) market. The fines total US$ £3.6 billion,…

Scottish Parliament logo

George Osborne Unhappy About Scottish Tax Powers

Since Scotland voted to remain part of the UK, Westminster has been preparing to grant the Scottish government a number of new powers that were promised in the run-up to…


Bank Note Printers Issue Profit Warning

You would think that legally printing money is just about the most profitable business possible. Unfortunately, things aren’t quite that simple and De La Rue, the printing company responsible for…

tax evasion

New Penalties for Offshore Tax Dodgers

New penalties have been laid out by chancellor George Osborne for people who avoid paying tax by keeping their funds abroad. Those who commit this kind of tax evasion could…

US Government

US Economy Still Suffering from Government Shutdown

The US government shutdown in October, and related concerns about a possible debt default, are still leaving a negative mark on the US economy. The footprint of this can partly…


Government to crackdown on Pension Charges

The fees’ currently imposed on pensions will be capped, the governments has promised under new proposals.  In addition, the governments announced its intentions to ban companies from imposing “consultancy charges”…


Changes to the UK Benefit System this April

Starting this April, the UK is set to face a number of amendments to the benefits system in an aim to streamline the scheme and interest more people in work….


Ryanair flying high with profits up 21%

Ryanair is flying high today after figures reveal the company’s profit was up 21% in the last 3 months of 2012. Despite a 24% hike in fuel prices and increasing…

HMV on Oxford Street in London

The Final sounds from His Master’s Voice

The rapid progress of technology has seen some companies flourish, while other retailers such as Jessops and now more recently HMV have recently gone into administration. The gap between high…

World Stocks Down on U.S. Jobs Data

The United States recovery is one of the factors the world is looking to as it assesses the future of the global economy. As the debt crisis in the Eurozone…