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Bank Note Printers Issue Profit Warning

You would think that legally printing money is just about the most profitable business possible. Unfortunately, things aren’t quite that simple and De La Rue, the printing company responsible for…

Economic Growth

UK Economic Growth Higher Than Estimated

The growth of the UK economy through the second quarter of the year was slightly more pronounced than was previously believed, it has been revealed. Previously, growth was estimated at…

tax evasion

New Penalties for Offshore Tax Dodgers

New penalties have been laid out by chancellor George Osborne for people who avoid paying tax by keeping their funds abroad. Those who commit this kind of tax evasion could…


David Cameron Hints at Inheritance Tax Pledge

David Cameron has claimed that he still aims to raise the threshold for inheritance tax so that only “the rich” will be liable for it. He has hinted that a…


Co-Op Has Worst Year Ever

The Co-operative Group has experienced its worst year since the company began. It is expected to record losses of over £2 billion. Exact figures are set to be announced on…


Open Books for Energy Firms

Energy secretary Ed Davey has plans to make energy companies provide access to their books for an annual review. This move will see utility providers opened up for inspection every…


Changes to the UK Benefit System this April

Starting this April, the UK is set to face a number of amendments to the benefits system in an aim to streamline the scheme and interest more people in work….


Osborne’s 2013 Budget – A Summary

State of the economy The Chancellor’s budget revealed some highs and lows regarding the current state of the UK economy. Primarily, Osborne announced that the growth forecast for this year…


Record Insolvencies on British High Street

A study by professional service company PwC found there was a ten-fold increase in the number of high street shops shutting down in 2012 compared to 2011. The data came…

Barclays bank headquarters in Canary Wharf

Barclays to Compensate Clients for mis-selling

When there has been a tendency to mis-sell a product, often problems later surface for the people who have done the mis-selling. There are many banks in the UK who…